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Curb Your Dog?

I grew up in NYC.  When we used to curb my dogs, we would take them to the curb and dogs would relieve themselves between the cars. However, in 2017, there is no room between the cars.  Between construction work, Smart Cars, Vespas, etc.- the cars are so tightly packed together that a person can barely fit between them.

So what does “curb your dog” mean today in NYC or any big city?

I teach my dogs (2 large dogs) to go to the curb and do their business along the curb but safely on the sidewalk.  Sometimes I get yelled at.  There are People that don’t want your dog to pee on the garbage bags, the trees, the bike racks, the car tires, etc.  There are very few places that our dogs can actually relieve themselves.  And things only get more complicated if your dog likes to lift his leg to pee.

That is what I tell my clients:  you need to clean up after your dog when it poops.  And regardless of the size of your dog- I try to encourage people to keep their dogs between them and the street when walking.  Not on the building side.  If there is room for your dog to safely relieve them self in the street, great.  I just do not see this a a safe option much of the time.


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