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Honey is a Chihuahua mix, who was rescued in LA. She is wary of strangers, but really loves her family. She likes to run away when you try to pick her up, and she is fast! To help, we taught her to go to her bed, where she will then sit still, so you can get your hands on her. Her "stranger danger" is still a work in progress, but she has come a long way! 


Paul and Chance didn’t get along in the beginning. Let’s just say Paul wasn’t a “dog’s dog.” She only liked people, and she got anxious in social situations with other dogs. So when the family got a new puppy, well, she was not pleased. After lots of time and American cheese (the only thing she would eat when he was around), they became best friends, and he has helped her build her confidence around other dogs! 



We’ve been working with Dutchess since she was a teeny tiny puppy at only 10 weeks old. She is an English Cocker Spaniel, and like most hunting breeds, she is full of energy. When she was a baby, she would run around with the puppy zoomies so quickly that she would bang herself into the walls. This didn’t slow her down a bit! She even went through a phase when toddlers were super scary. Now she approaches them in hopes that they have food for her. She just got a new baby brother Archer, a Cavapoo, who she ignored for a bit, but they're now really getting along, and she’s helping to tire out his crazy puppy energy.


Charlie is a feisty rescue dog. When she arrived, she was full of energy. She was very sensitive to the streets of New York and to petting or touching. But with some clicker training for confidence and lots of exercise, she turned things around! 


These big boys make quite an impression walking down the street together! Gunner is an Ozark Mountain Dog who LOVES people, likes to “shade dive” and loves training. Thor- A German bred Shepherd- would rather “talk” to you and play fetch than train. They play off leash in Central Park daily and are fabulous walkers- even if they do take up too much room on the city streets!


Roxy is a fabulous Shih Tzu who has 3 of her own cats and 4 kids at home. What a lucky dog. She loves to do tricks and boss around all the other dogs. She is respected by dogs of all shapes and sizes.



Olive is a fabulous Vizsla puppy who LOVES training and everyone! She is still a baby but we are excited to watch her grow up! Because, c'mon, she is too cute.


Bodhi is a very sensitive mixed breed boy who is afraid of MANY things on the street. We are helping him work through his demons (grates, various surfaces, etc). He is doing better every day.


Rose is a fabulous mixed breed girl who loves central park, loves to play with her friends only and fetch. She has a lot of opinions and she will share them with you! She also thinks it is funny to push puppies around!


This looks says it all. He is a Labrador mix from a shelter. Hank is a sweet but very nervous boy who is scared of many things. We are working on his confidence and responsiveness. He likes to take advantage of his owner…. We are working on this.

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