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About Your Consultation

     My initial consultation is 60 - 90 minutes. During this I will ask you a lot of questions, you can ask me a lot of questions and I will get to know your dog. I will observe and work with the dog(s) and make recommendations based on my observations. Then we will work with your dog so you can see what your dog can do! All of the dogs I work with love the training sessions. If I come across a problem that I think is best handled by someone else, I will refer you. I take pride in being successful in my work.

     I have a vast knowledge of dogs, life in NYC, the many services that exist in the animal world and the variety of equipment used in training. I read every book on every different method so you do not have to. I am very sensitive to how short people’s time can be in this city so I make the most out of every session. I give homework at the end of the sessions and work at the pace of the dog and the owner.

     Every dog and owner is different. Some clients need a lot of help and some just need some fine tuning/guidance. My goal is for your dog to be a safe and polite member of your household so you can enjoy him or her to the fullest. Well-behaved dogs are welcome more places. Keeping your dog safe requires balance and harmony in your relationship. I work in many households with children of all ages, children of all ages and all types of people.

     I look forward to talking with you!

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